Replacement Grain Bins Lids and Openers for Sale in Manitoba

Grain bins are an effective and safe way to store grain before transport. However, just like any piece of equipment, they may be prone to needing replacement pieces or accessories to improve their ease of use. Whether you are looking for grain bin throat reducers or replacement grain bin lids, the experts at Avonlea Farm Sales Ltd. are sure to have exactly what you are looking for.

Founded by farmers in 1988, Avonlea Farm Sales is dedicated to providing you with the farm equipment you need to improve your productivity and make life easier. We know that grain bin lid openers and other grain bin accessories can go a long way toward making the use of hopper grain bins and other storage solutions more enjoyable. Contact a member of our team today and let us help you find the replacement grain bin lids for sale that you’ve been searching for. We’re here to help improve the productivity of your farm with essential farm equipment.

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Replacement Grain Bin Lid for a Twister 37" Bin Throat

Dealer Price $590.70 CAD

 The L40T lid fits a bin throat that measures 37 inches. This lid fits some newer Twister bins NOTE: BIN THROAT MUST NOT BE TAPERED FOR PROPER FITMENT.

Avonlea has a large inventory of grain bin lids that come in many different sizes ranging from 18" to 42" diameters. All bin lids come with an adjustable band clamp, as well as a cable kit and chain latching system.

Open and close the bin lid while remaining safely on the ground using the cable kit and latch! No more climbing! 

Grain bin lid


1- Measure the bin throat opening

2- Picture on the left shows a bin throat opening of 20. Add 2" to this number.

This means we need a 22" bin lid. 

 Choose the lid you need from the list below
 Select your quantity


Adjustable band clamp on replacement lid tightens around bin throat. Comes with cable kit and chain latching system.

Lifetime Bin Lids are available to fit Bin Throats from16 inches in diameter to 39 inches in diameter.

Heavy duty formed 14 gauge steel lid.

Heavy spring closure keeps lid closed.

Mechanical advantage opener makes opening easy from the ground.

Easy to mount with simple clamp ring.

The included cable kit has a chain latching system that secures the lid fully open for filling the bin or partially open for aeration.

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Yellow Top Westeel Bins use L22 Replacement Lids

Goebel Bins and some old Butler bins use L24 Replacement Lids

Old Butler Bins "Red Top" use L25 Replacement Lids

Behlen Red "Bottle Cap Lids" use L29 Replacement Lids


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Lifetime Replacement Grain Bin Lids
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