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Summers 3RT

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The 3RT platform of tillage tools is designed to meet the needs of farmers looking for a maneuverable, compact unit they can simply hook up to a tractor’s three-point hitch. Three configurations (3RT 2010, 2110 and 2210) mean there is a 3RT fit for any rut, reclamation or recreational (spot) tillage application.

Applications: vertical tillage, spring tillage,Spring Residue Managementspring, Fall Tillage, Fall Residue Management, Soil Conditioning, Seedbed Preparation, No Till, Conventional Tillage

Sale Type
  2010 2110 2210
Configuration Track Remover Disk-Coulter Disk-Disk
Working Width 10' 10"-14' 4" * 15' 14' 6"
Weight 3682 lbs 6489 lbs 6254 lbs
Transport Width 14' 8" 15' 9" 15' 3"
Overall Depth 6' 6" 6' 6" 5' 10"
Blades Front 8 18 18
Blades Rear 10 19 18
Blade Diameter 22" 22" 22"
Approx. Engine HP 140-160 160-210 160-210
  * Adjustable for 90", 120", 132" Wheel spacings.
Adjustable for Category 3 and 4 hitches.
Disk blades are manually adjustable from 5°, 8° and 12°.
Adjustable for Category 3 and 4 hitches.
Disk blades are manually adjustable from 5°, 8° and 12°.
Adjustable for Category 3 and 4 hitches.
Disk blades are manually adjustable from 5°, 8° and 12°.



Green or Red – You Choose

Brand loyalty is fierce between Team Red and Team Green in the agriculture world, which is something Summers has long understood. Well, we’ve listened and are offering you a choice. Now any time you order custom equipment from Summers, pick between the color that fits your operation best – green or red. It’s that simple.

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features and benefits

supThree-Point Hitch

All 3RT models easily attach to a tractor's three-point hitch.

sup 3RT 2010 

The 2010 is designed specifically for filling ruts left by heavy farm equipment, such as sprayers or combines. Twenty-two-inch dual-mounted, adjustable angle disk blades bring dirt into the rut, while 22-inch five-blade coulter gangs act as levelers to leave an optimal field finish.

VRT 3RT 2110 and 2210

For reclamation and spot tillage, the 3RT 2110 and 2210 are simple, rugged options ideal for working smaller or more confined areas. The 2110 is equipped with a row of concave disk blades for soil mixing, followed by a row of coulter gangs for leveling and residue management. With two rows of concave disk blades, the 2210 is a more aggressive tillage tool that offers increased soil movement and mixing. 

VRT Adjust On The Go

Depending on the tractor's three-point configuration, the operator may have the flexibility to adjust the top link arm and fine-tune aggressiveness as field conditions change. For instance, with the 3RT 2110 this would mean shifting from conventional tillage of the concave disks to vertical tillage of the coulter blades.

flotation Adjustable Spacing
The configuration of the 3RT 2010 is adaptable for 90- to 132-inch-wide center-to-center spacing, so only the intended parts of the field are worked.

VRT Coulter Blades

The 3RT 2010 and 2110 are offered with a variety of blade options to customize your tillage performance. Duracoat blades with WEAR-TUFF™ lining are also available to extend blade life by as much as 3 to 5 times.

VRT 22-Inch Dual-Mounted Disk Blades

Disk blades are slightly concave for soil mixing, and manually adjustable from 5- to 24 degrees to customize the soil movement and field finish you desire.


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