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Summers 8-Bar Superharrow 3568

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Producing 60 percent more work compared to harrows with just five bars, the new 8-Bar Superharrow 3568 is an aggressive residue management tool ideal for busting clods, demolishing root balls and preparing the seedbed for planting.

With 1/2-inch diameter teeth and eight full rows of harrows, the 8-Bar breaks up more residue and clumps in a single pass, allowing greater surface area to be exposed for expedited decomposition. It is available in 36-, 48-, 60-, 72- and 84-foot widths.

Applications: Seedbed Preparation, Spring Tillage, Spring Residue Management, Fall Residue Management, Soil Conditioning

8-Bar Superharrow 3568
Sale Type
Working Width 36' 48' 60' 72' 84'
Transport Width 13' 2" 13' 2" 13' 2" 13' 2" 13' 2"
Center Section Width 12' 12' 12' 12' 12'
Estimated Weight 10,820 lbs. 12,760 lbs. 14,700 lbs. 16,840 lbs. 19,230 lbs.
Number of 6' Sections 6 8 10 12 14
Hitch Length 22' 22' 22' 22' 22'
Hitch Construction 4" x 8" tubing 4" x 8" tubing 4" x 8" tubing 4" x 8" tubing 4" x 8" tubing
Drawbar Construction 8" x 8" tubing 8" x 8" tubing 8" x 8" tubing 8" x 8" tubing 8" x 8" tubing
Hitch Tires (4) 280/70 R15 280/70 R15 280/70 R15 280/70 R15 280/70 R15
Drawbar Tires (2/4**) 280/70 R15 280/70 R15 280/70 R15** 280/70 R15** 280/70 R15**
Transport Tires (2) LT265/75R16E LT265/75R16E LT265/75R16E LT265/75R16E LT265/75R16E
Approx. Engine HP 146-230 195-307 244-384 292-461 341-538

Green or Red – You Choose

Brand loyalty is fierce between Team Red and Team Green in the agriculture world, which is something Summers has long understood. Well, we’ve listened and are offering you a choice. Now any time you order custom equipment from Summers, pick between the color that fits your operation best – green or red. It’s that simple.

features and benefits

supHeavy Duty Drawbar

Our 8-by-8-inch drawbar tube is bigger and stronger than anything else available. It provides maximum strength for pulling the harrow.

sup Auto-Folding Pull Cables

Simply put, cables are better than pull tubes when it comes to harrow design. That’s because cables allow easier unfolding from transport to field position. And they’re engineered to accommodate the rearward stress that’s placed on the inside wing of a harrow during a tight turn. Even more, the Summers auto-folding cable design has a positive lock system and a back-up feature that allows the operator to reverse while the harrow is unfolded to reach isolated areas and tight corners.

VRT Hydraulic Depth Adjustment

Hydraulic cylinders on the cart and wing wheels allow on-the-go adjustment of down pressure to accommodate different soil conditions and residue. The system provides even down pressure across all harrow bars and offers exceptional ground following ability. The streamlined wing height adjustment design allows teeth to cover the wheel tracks.

VRT Top-Mounted Torsion Bar

Our exclusive top-mounted torsion bar springs provide a streamlined design for optimum residue clearance.

flotation Adjustable Tooth Angle

A spring-loaded adjustment lever allows the operator to angle the teeth up to 45 degrees from vertical position. The front bar adjusts independently of the others, allowing the front bar to work more aggressively, while the rest of the section clears the residue.



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