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Summers Superweeder

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The Superweeder is the ultimate seedbed preparation tool. Combining four ranks of Vibra S-tines with a five-bar harrow, it breaks up crusted soil and uproots weeds, while leaving a smooth, level soil profile behind. It’s the perfect setup to an outstanding crop year.

Applications: seedbed preparation, soil conditioning, spring tillage, spring residue management, fall residue management

Sale Type
Working Width 30' 40' 50' 60' 70'
Estimated Weight 9,240 lbs. 11,090 lbs. 12,960 lbs. 15,580 lbs. 17,200 lbs.
Transport Width 14' 4" 14' 4" 14' 4" 14' 4" 14' 4"
Transport Height 12' 8" 12' 8" 12' 8" 12' 8" 12' 8"
Center Section Width 10' 10' 10' 10' 10'
Wing Width 10' 15' 20' 25' 30'
Number of S-Tines 72 96 120 144 168
Number of 5' Harrow Sections 6 8 10 12 14
Hitch Construction 4" x 8" tubing 4" x 8" tubing 4" x 8" tubing 4" x 8" tubing 4" x 8" tubing
Drawbar Construction 8" x 8" tubing 8" x 8" tubing 8" x 8" tubing 8" x 8" tubing 8" x 8" tubing
Hitch Tires (4) 280/70 R15 280/70 R15 280/70 R15 280/70 R15 280/70 R15
Drawbar Tires  280/70 R15 (2) 280/70 R15 (2) 280/70 R15 (2) 11L LRF (2)
280/70 R15 (4)
11L LRF (2)
280/70 R15 (4)
Transport Tires (2) LT265/75R16E LT265/75R16E LT265/75R16E LT265/75R16E LT265/75R16E
Approx. Engine HP* 184-245 245-327 306-408 367-490 429-572
*  Engine horsepower required will vary upon soil conditions, tillage depth and operating speed

Green or Red – You Choose

Brand loyalty is fierce between Team Red and Team Green in the agriculture world, which is something Summers has long understood. Well, we’ve listened and are offering you a choice. Now any time you order custom equipment from Summers, pick between the color that fits your operation best – green or red. It’s that simple.

features and benefits

sup Vibra™ S-tines

For maximum residue flow the Vibra S-tines are spaced 5 inches apart, with 16-inch spacing between ranks. A hydraulic adjustment feature allows the operator to control working depth. The S-tines can also be completely rotated out of the soil for harrow-only operation. Extended S-tines are centered behind the wheels to cover tracks.

VRT Five-Bar Harrow

Featuring a 3/8" x 14" bent tooth design, the five-bar culti-harrow is designed to break up even the smallest dirt clumps. It levels and firms the soil profile behind the Vibra S-tines, resulting in the ideal seedbed.

VRT Heavy Duty Drawbar

Our 8-by-8-inch drawbar tube is bigger and stronger than anything else available. It provides maximum strength for pulling the unit.

VRT Auto Fold

The Superweeder’s 22-foot hitch is constructed of 4-inch-by-8-inch steel tubing and has a cable auto-folding design. The cables can be hydraulically released or locked from the tractor seat. A safety spring and manual valve are also included to prevent accidental release in the case of hydraulic pressure failure.

flotation Hydraulic Depth Adjustment

The hydraulic depth adjustment option includes hydraulic cylinders that raise and lower the drawbar and end wheels. This effectively raises and lowers all S-tines at once for simple, precise depth adjustment. (Not available on 60- and 70-foot models)

Split Hinged Wing  m

50- to 70-foot Superweeder models are available with split hinged wings.

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