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Humalite Liquid Carbon 20L Pail

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OMRI LISTED CERTIFIED ORGANIC LIQUID CARBON HUMALITE Plant Health and Soil Remediation Product is packaged in 20 litre pails. Black Earth leaf logo small

Liquid Carbon is a liquid product that contains 7.65% humic acid (HPTA method), 1.79% fulvic acid, 3.78% organic carbon, 8.26% total organic matter, and is 99.9% water soluble. Liquid Carbon can be blended with ACF-SR biologicals. This product is called Bio-Hume Plus +

LIQUID CARBON HUMALITE on Fruit & Vegetables assures healthier plants, larger yields, and better flavour! This product is best suited for broadcast or with the seed in soils that have moderate to severe alkaline, ph, and soluble salt content. Each 20L pail treats 1 acre (43560 square feet).  Dilute 1 part Liquid Carbon with 10 parts unchlorinated water and spray it on. With the seed, pour diluted product right in the row with the seed. There is no need to worry about seed damage with this product.

LIQUID CARBON HUMALITE on Lawns, Golf Greens & Fairways creates thicker grass, a deeper green color, and promotes dead spot regrowth. Each 20 litre pail treats 1 acre (43560 square feet). Dilute 1 part Liquid Carbon with 10 parts unchlorinated water and spray it on. Spot apply at double to triple this rate on damaged areas with seed for quick regrowth.

 LIQUID CARBON HUMALITE on Flower Beds, Shrubs, and Shelter Belts makes plants healthier and promotes foliar growth as well as increasing flowers/buds/Leaves. Each 20 litre pail treats 1 acre. Dilute 1 part Liquid Carbon with 10 parts unchlorinated water and spray it on. Apply at double rate in established shelter belts.



Liquid Carbon is an organic humic acid liquid. This highly reactive humified carbon source can help build root systems, grow biomass, enhance nutrient uptake and availability which contribute to higher crop yield and quality.

Humates also contain large amounts of Carbon, which help buffer soil PH and Soluble Salts.

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