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Black Earth Granular Humizen 2000 LB Mini Bulk

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OMRI LISTED CERTIFIED ORGANIC HumiZen Magna Plus Granular Humalite BLENDABLE QUICK RELEASE Plant Health and Soil Remediation Product is sold in 2000 lb mini bulk bags. Black Earth leaf logo small

Magna Plus is a durable granular product that is blendable with most dry fertilizers including Urea. Humizen Magna Plus in the seed row provides Humic & Fulvic acid to promote plant nutrient and water uptake. The result is a stronger and healthier plant, resulting in higher yield per lb of synthetic fertilizer applied.

Magna Plus Granular contains 50% Humic Acid and 3% Fulvic Acid (HPTA method). PH is 8 and bulk density is 40 lbs/ cubic foot

Magna Plus is more water soluble and can be seed row applied at a lower rate to achieve similar yield response seen with AG4. Recommended application rates in furrow are 5-20 lbs/acre depending on the amount of soil damage from alkaline, ph, and soluble salt.

Magna Plus can also be broadcast. Suggested broadcast rates are from 20-75 lbs/acre. AG4 is much better suited for soil remediation.

For severely damaged soil, use of Humalite AG 4 is recommended to increase the amount of Carbon per acre





HumiZen Magna Plus is an organic humic acid granule. With over 80% humic substances, this highly reactive humified carbon source can help build root systems, grow biomass, enhance nutrient uptake and availability which contribute to higher crop yield and quality.

Humizen Magna Plus
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