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Biological Plant Health, Seed Treatment, & Soil Remediation Liquid 4 X 4L Jugs

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ACF-SR can be applied on the seed, in the seed row, spread on soil, and foliar applied

ACF-SR WORKS GREAT TO REPAIR PET URINE SPOTS ON LAWNS, dead spots on fairways & greens.

ACF-SR improves soil health, resulting in greener grass, larger vegetables & fruit with better flavour, and less disease pressure.

Application rates:

At seeding time, apply on the soil at a rate of .33 litres per 1000 square feet. Dilute1 litre of ACF-SR in 9 litres of clean non chlorinated water to ensure even coverage.

Foliar application, apply once or twice a season at a rate of .33 litres per 1000 square feet. Dilute1 litre of ACF-SR in 9 litres of clean non chlorinated water to ensure even coverage.

Golf course Tee Boxes, Fairways, and Greens, apply in spring as soon as greening starts to occur at a rate of .33 lites per 1000 square feet .  Dilute1litre of ACF-SR in 9 litres of clean non chlorinated water to ensure even coverage. Repeat applications can be done monthly during the growing season to "Keep it GREEN"

Garden and Fruit Production, apply in furrow and top dress at .33-.50 litres per 1000 square feet. Foliar application rate is .33 litres per 1000 square feet at first greening in spring. Apply 1-4 times per growing season. Dilute1 litre of ACF-SR in 9 litres of clean non chlorinated water to ensure even coverage.  

ACF-SR can be blended with Black Earth Liquid Carbon Humic for even better results.

Pre-Blended BIO-HUME PLUS+ is also available for purchase.

ACF-SR provides 10 Trilllion active bacteria cultures per litre that release tied up phosphate from low and high pH soils. Nitrogen is also converted to a plant useable form and root ball size increases. This product can be used as an "in furrow" application or can be applied directly to the soil just prior to or just after seeding. These two methods of application provide the best soil activity. ACF-SR can also be used as a foliar applied product.

There are 3 basic types of Bacteria & Fungi:

  • 1:  Photosynthetic bacteria supply energy from light, fix nitrogen and carbon, degrade toxic chemicals, and supply organic carbon to plants for growth. These bacteria improve the efficiency and effectiveness of CO2 fixation

  • 2:  Vegetative strains improve the soil by breaking down residual toxic chemicals and break down complex organics to provide nutrients to plants

  • 3:  Bacillus spores are the most common microbial additives in any biological product. They are known to produce auxins, hormones, and other substances to promote plant vigor. They also breakdown complex organics to produce forms readily available to plants 

  • ACF-SR contains the following strains to promote plant growth and repair soil:

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Sold by the litre, ACF-SR releases Mineralized Phosphate Tied Up in the Soil. Convert Soil Nitrites into Plant Useable Nitrates. Increase Soil Organic Matter. Lower Soil PH & Soluble Salts.

ACF-SR Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria has shown unbelievable results as a foliar spray in pasture land, hay crop, and alfalfa crops!

Nitrosomonas europaea  Converts ammonia to nitrate & solubilizes phosphates from soil
Bacillus subtilis   Solubilizes phosphates & siderophore production-makes iron available from soil
Rhodopseudomonas palustris  Enhances soil bio activity & nitrogen fixation
Bacillus licheniformis   Enhances soil bioactivity & provides plant growth hormones
Nitrobacter winogradskyi   Converts nitrite to nitrate & solubilizes phosphates from soil.  Improves soil structure and promotes plant health

AdvancedAg’s Patented “BREW PROCESS” increases the culture count from 5 million cfu/ml to 10 billion cfu/ml in 72 Hours (cfu/ml = colony forming units per ml)

Many other products on the market today have a limited variety of bacteria and a culture count of only 5 million cfu/ml
ACF-SR can by applied directly into the seed row at seeding time or immediately after seeding by ground sprayer. ACF-SR can also be sprayed prior to seeding on low trash fields.
ACF-SR can be tank mixed with Liquid Humate products.
Brewed ACF-SR comes in 1000L Totes or Bulk
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