Why You’ll Want a Gravity Wagon for Your Farm

When it comes to farming equipment, you’re likely always looking for the next thing to improve your productivity and make strenuous jobs easier. Though there are many types of farming equipment that help to improve productivity, gravity wagons might be one of the most helpful pieces of equipment. Used primarily for moving grain from field to storage, gravity bins make loading and unloading grain easier while also offering other helpful uses.

Why You’ll Want a Gravity Wagon for Your Farm

At Avonlea Farm Sales Ltd., we understand that finding the right equipment for your farm is important. We know that gravity wagons or gravity boxes are just one of the many helpful pieces of equipment you may wish to consider for your farm. We also know that you might have some questions about their applications to determine how beneficial a gravity wagon could be for your specific farm. As your source when looking for gravity wagons for sale, we’re here to help. In this post, we outline the basics of gravity wagons to help you determine if purchasing one is the right move for your farm.

What Can a Gravity Wagon Be Used For?

Gravity wagons are primarily used for transporting grain from the field to a storage solution such as hopper grain storage systems. Though gravity wagons make it possible to move grain efficiently, the transportation of grain is not its only use. Consider the unique needs of your farm when looking into how a gravity box can make your life easier.

You may find that a gravity wagon is an ideal solution for holding and transporting feed or for other products such as fertilizer.  Regardless of what you use them for, gravity wagons make it simple to load, transport, and unload whatever you need to. A versatile piece of equipment, you really can’t go wrong with adding one to your selection of farming equipment.

How Many Bushels Does a Gravity Wagon Hold?

When considering purchasing a gravity wagon for your farm, you’ll likely want to know how much it holds. If you’ve ever wondered how many bushels in a gravity wagon you can expect to hold, you’ll need to consider the size of the wagon itself.
Gravity wagons come in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of your farm. You can find smaller gravity bins that hold around 385 bushels or larger ones that can hold more than 760 bushels. Consider connecting with an expert from Avonlea to determine which type of gravity box is best suited to your requirements.

Are Gravity Wagons Exempt from GST?

When considering the purchase of a gravity wagon for your farm, you may wonder if the equipment is tax deductible or exempt from GST. In our post, Is Farm Equipment Tax Deductible, we offer some tips to help you understand what tax benefits you may find when buying farm equipment. However, checking with a tax professional is always a good idea.

Gravity wagons are one of the many types of farming equipment that can make your life easier. Let the experts at Avonlea help you find the equipment that helps to improve your processes and make hard jobs easier. 

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