How Does a Grain Moisture Meter Work and Why You Need One?

Grain farmers know that the moisture content of grain can directly impact the quality of grain and how much it can be sold for. For this reason, monitoring grain moisture levels is essential. Though there are a few methods that can be used to determine grain moisture levels, one of the best ways to protect grain quality is to utilize a grain moisture analyzer or a grain bin monitoring system. Yet knowing which type of monitoring system is right for your needs will depend on the unique dynamics of your farm.

How Does a Grain Moisture Meter Work and Why You Need One?

At Avonlea Farm Sales Ltd., we are your trusted source when looking for farming equipment for sale. We know that protecting grain is a top priority of grain farmers. In this post, we outline what you should know about grain moisture analyzers and monitors and help you decide which type of grain monitoring system is ideal for your needs.  

Why do Grain Moisture Levels Matter?

Grain moisture levels are crucial to ensuring the best profits. When grains are too wet, they can become damaged or prone to mould growth, while grain that is too dry can result in shrinkage and lowered profits. Though grain moisture level monitoring is one way to protect your grain, adequate grain storage systems are also key to ensuring the quality of grain.

For more information on why grain moisture levels must be a priority for farmers, see our post, Why Grain Moisture Matters and How Proper Storage Can Protect Grain.

How Does a Grain Moisture Tester Work?

Grain bin monitoring systems and grain moisture analyzers operate in similar manners. Both determine the moisture level of the grain by utilizing electricity to determine the grain's resistance to the flow of electricity. Grain that has higher levels of water will be less resistant to the flow of electricity, while dry grain with lower levels of moisture will be of lower resistance.

Which Grain Monitoring System is Right for My Farm?

When considering the purchase of a grain monitoring system, it is important to consider the needs of your farm. For those who utilize Meridian hopper bins, grain bin monitoring systems may be ideal. However, when portability is a concern, a Perten grain moisture analyzer may be the better choice. Whichever method of grain monitoring you use, you can feel more confident that your grain is optimal simply by monitoring your grain regularly.
If you have questions about grain monitoring systems, reach out to the experts at Avonlea. We look forward to helping you find the farming equipment that makes your life easier while protecting your hard work. 

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