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K Line 31 Ft Powerflex Speedtiller

The FIRST DUAL MODE Tillage System.

For precision tilling tractor hitch is put into FLOAT and depth is regulated between the rollers and the front wheels.

If conditions become adverse, the rollers can be put on float or even lifted off of the ground. The hitch is locked and the depth is controlled by the front wheels.

This unit is equipped for use in Red River Valley Clay. Use of 22 inch notched blades and Spring (Flex Ring) Rollers works in wet conditions.

New Inventory K-Line Powerflex Speedtiller 2995P. Ideal for high speed tillage. Cuts, sizes & incorporates high levels of crop residue increasing carbon content. Features quick adjust lateral disc positioning and heavy duty jump arms. 76 disc operating unit provides 31.2 ft working width with 22" disks & 5" spacing. 12'6" transport mode 4 X 600/50R X 22.5 Flotation Tires.

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Farm Supply Store in Domain & Deloraine Manitoba

Farmers know that having the right farm equipment can not only help to increase productivity but can have the benefit of reducing expenses too. When looking for farm supply stores, you can count on Avonlea Farm Sales Ltd to have the equipment you need. Founded by farmers in 1988, the experts at Avonlea understand your needs and are your source for farm machinery and farm implements, including grain bins, seed tenders, header transports, grain augers and more. Find farm equipment for sale online or visit us in-store at one of two convenient locations and see why we are your top choice when looking for farm supply stores near me.

Need assistance with choosing the right agriculture equipment for your farm? At Avonlea, we are your top choice when looking for a farm store near me for a reason. Connect with a member of our team today, and let us help you find the ideal equipment for your needs. When looking for a farm machinery sale or farm equipment near me, we offer first-hand knowledge and support. We look forward to helping you find equipment that increases productivity and are your dedicated source when looking for farm supply near me.

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Find top-quality farm equipment for sale at the farm supply store you can depend on. At Avonlea, we carry a large selection of the agriculture equipment you need. We carry J&M grain carts, seed tenders, header transports, Springland UTL U-Through grain augers, Summer disks, chisel plows, Lemken high speed disks and more. With our extensive selection of inventory, you’ll find the grain bin accessories and other farm equipment all in one convenient place at Avonlea.

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TopKrop Products

TopKrop fertilizers are formulated to focus on plant and soil health for long-term benefits. Break the cycle of using more and more commercial fertilizers each year and turn to TopKrop products for a sustainable, long-term solution to soil health. At Avonlea, we carry a selection of TopKrop fertilizer products and the storage solutions you need to use them effectively. 

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