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Perten Inframatic 8800 NIR Grain Analyzer

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IM 8800 is the next generation portable NIR instrument for protein, moisture and oil determination in grain and oilseed.

The instrument has been designed with portability in mind to give users freedom to measure grain in-field, at grain storage sites and at grain processing locations. Equipped with GPS enables point specific sampling to generate protein maps on-the-go to make informed harvesting and binning decisions.

With uncompromising quality and build standards the instrument provides you with highly accurate data which you can rely on.
  Features and benefits

Designed for farm conditions, this rugged meter is ideal for testing grain for moisture, protein and oil. An automated shutter protects the tester from light, insects and vermin to ensure reliable, low maintenance operation for years to come.

Portable – Compact, light enough to hand carry and powered by 12V to 24V, or battery (up to 2 hours), the Inframatic 8800 goes with you where you need it most: in the pickup truck, in the cab of the header and to the silo. The standard carrying bag protects the IM 8800 and is useful for transporting the instrument to inspection sites, fields etc. It's also useful for long-term, protective storage of the instrument after harvest.

GPS – The Inframatic 8800 is equipped with a GPS so you can create protein maps of your fields. Make fast harvesting and binning decisions to manage your grain quality.

Protein maps allow farmers to extract additional profit by identifying pockets of premium grain. Topography, fertilization, and run-off are known to cause variation in protein content within a field. The Inframatic 8800 helps you get the most value from the grain you are already producing.

Moisture testing in ground wheat using the optional Moisture Module allows grain traders to use correct moisture value when performing Falling Number analysis. This improves accuracy of Falling Number results.

 Uses and benefits

Measure in the field

It's all about portability and fit-for-purpose with the IM 8800. Place it in the cab of your pickup or harvester. It's small enough to carry around the field for spot testing allowing you to determine optimal harvest time. The 2 hour battery life and GPS allow you to create protein maps of fields.

Variability of protein in wheat within a single row has been shown to be up to 6%. The maps allow you to capture that value. Maximize profitability by better controlling drying, identifying your highest quality grain, and selling it for a premium.

Quality control before delivery

Deliver the right grain to the right buyer. Test your grain as it's going into storage and as it's going into the truck. Send the highest quality grain to those willing to pay premiums. Make sure you get the most for your grain.

 Rapid Moisture Measurement for Falling Number Analysis

An accurate moisture value of the sample to be analyzed is critical for correct Falling Number results. Equipped with an optional module the Inframatic 8800 NIR grain analyzer can measure the moisture content of samples before Falling Number analysis, helping grain traders, farmers and others to improve analytical accuracy.

The Falling Number® method is standardized and one critical step in the method is to measure the moisture content of the sample, as this determines the exact sample weight to use. When grinding grain about 0.5-2% moisture is lost in the process. The exact moisture loss depends on factor such as the original moisture content of the grain and whether the lab mill is hot because several samples have just been ground in it. If the user estimates the moisture content of the ground grain rather than measure it, Falling Number results could end up being wrong by several 10s of seconds.

With the Falling Number Moisture Module the Inframatic 8800 becomes a rapid instrument for moisture determination in ground grain and flour. It's easy to use and gives accurate results in less than 1 minute. Not only does it display the moisture content, it also calculates and displays the exact sample weight you should use in the Falling Number analysis. This means you don't need to look the weight up in tables, which speeds up the process for you and removes one potential source of error.

  Operation and handling

Select the type of grain to analyze.

Pour the sample and press "Start"

After analysis, results are displayed on the screen, and the sample box can be emptied.

  On-farm NIR grain analyzer

An on farm grain analyzer has been desirable for some time. The demands on such an instrument are high, however, and must balance many requirements. It must be rugged and robust. It must be portable to tote around the field. It must be simple to operate, but sophisticated enough to provide accuracy similar to elevator and lab instruments. And it must do it all in a cost-effective manner.

Recent technological developments have allowed us to develop just such an instrument. The Inframatic 8800 uses solid state components and diode array technology meaning no moving optical components. The lack of moving parts allows us to align and match instruments at the factory – one instrument is exactly like the next. This means the instruments are accurate, repeatable, and reproducible.

The Inframatic 8800 is standardized to our elevator/lab instrument – the Inframatic 9500. The Inframatic 9500 is well established in the market and is an approved for payment instrument in many countries. It has approvals in the USA, Germany, and Australia to name a few.

Sale Type
7 kg
5.7'' color touch screen
Grains and Oilseeds
4 x USB-A ports, 1 x Ethernet port (RJ45)
Moisture, Protein, Oil, and more
Dust and humidity protected
Up to 10 per sample
GPS module, connected through USB port
Sample Size
~400 ml
Analysis Time
~ 90 s
Size (W X D X H)
349 x 265 x 274 mm
Wavelength Range
850-1050 nm
Ambient Temp Spec
5-45 °C
Battery Operation
~2 hrs.
Analysis Principle
Diode-array detector, Transmittance
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